Thursday, 22 November 2012

Significance of Embedded Social Media in Portfolio Websites

Maximize the use of your websites by connecting to your friends, family, and acquaintances using social media widgets. Web site platforms today are designed with built-in widget ready sections that enable website designers and website users to embed social media buttons within various sections in the website.

Embedding social media buttons within websites provide seamless integration with these various networking sites that enable users to connect to your website via their preferred social media sites.

Instantly post announcements, updates, or featured photos and content using your website and post directly to your registered social media accounts. With just a touch of a button you can instantly connect with millions of social media members to inform them of your latest events, activities, and announcements.

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Embedded social media widgets in portfolio websites provide significant results in the following area:

  • Ease of use: Connect to multiple sites using your website. You need not log-in separately in your different social media networking sites to update your friends and followers of your latest events and activities. Simply post articles, images, or the multi-media files on your website and configure your website setting to post directly to your social media account. Seamless integration features allow you to connect instantly to multiple sites at just a touch of a button.

  • Inform a large scope of audiences about your portfolio website by embedding social media widgets. You can configure your social media account members to share, like, or even comment on your posts, featured images, gallery, and more.

  • Make your online portfolio website more interactive. With social media widgets, online portfolios become more fun. It allows website owners to feature images and uploads in various social networking sites without having to shift from one platform to the other while social media network members may view and add comments on your works within the social media platform.

  • Seamless integration of multiple platforms results to better manageability of websites. Retrieve photos or even entire albums previously posted in social media account and send a copy in your website. You may also send copies of your photos directly to the photo album of your social media network.

  • With embedded social media buttons. Your website becomes more accessible. User enabled websites, for instance, can be configured to include a log-in feature using social media account details. No need to configure profile, personal details, and other information separately.

  • Promote your products or services via social media networks. Social media networks are a haven for an unlimited number of potential customers. Maximize the use of your websites by making information from your portfolio website available in social media network news feeds and announcements.
Embedding social media widgets in your portfolio websites can provide significant results in several aspects. It widens your reach by enabling you to make your announcements available to a larger scope of audience. It provides user-friendly features that help viewers connect with you in multiple ways. Social media plugins make your online portfolio website more accessible while seamless integration makes maintaining your website easier and more manageable.

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