Thursday, 6 June 2013

Tips to create Awesome Portfolio Website

If you are a photographer, artist, designer or any creative professional who wish to reach out to maximum people to showcase their work, chances are you need to display your work online. And when there are plethora of sites who can host your online portfolio, your search almost ends up by selecting the best platform in order to showcase your talent across the world via Internet.

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Creating your own portfolio using some online platform is somewhat a tricky task that needs a creative mind and marketing skills as well. There are various portfolios available online, so you need to be very competitive while promoting your portfolio. Designing a portfolio is not a tough task but creatively designing a portfolio is something that you need to be cautious about. Considering the fact that there are numerous photographers, designers and artists out there who want to build up a smart online portfolio, we brought some useful tips to create better portfolio site. The article has been written with an intent of providing tips to build a portfolio that would be seen by large number of audience. Below are provided some tips hoping that you would take it as suggestions.

1) Your work matters more
The most important thing that you need to understand before creating portfolio is to make sure that your target must be on showcasing your selected work, not on designing the site.  Although design of your site is an unavoidable element, but portfolio is something that meant to created to primarily display your work. While you are owing a site that is visually appealing, it should complement your work and reflect a good impression to your potential clients.  You need to focus on displaying your work effectively.

2) Easy Navigation
Navigation needs to be easy, simple and straightforward. Complicated navigation can increase the bounce rate of your site and hence compel visitors to leave the site right away from the home page. Make sure you provide all the required details in the right place   and that too with easy navigation features. Your potential client should not take too much time to ponder while moving from one page to another. Don't give them any chance to left your site and move to your competitors.

3) Easiness in contacting you
There are various sites where finding contact information is not less than climbing the Everest. Jokes apart, but make sure you provide your email address or contact form in such a way that it can be find easily. The more easiness you provide to your potential customers while contacting you, the more inquiries will you get.

4) Let your customers know about you
Your portfolio website is there to showcase and sell your work. Beside looking at your work, they would be interested to know the person behind this work. So, it would be better if you put something about you, not too much. May be you are an award winning photographer, your clients must be known of this. You should include something interesting about you in order to impress potential clients by your own personality.

5) User friendly back-end of the site
The platform you are using to build your portfolio site must have easy to update features, so that you can easily add, delete, change or update any thing on your site. Say, you want to add some content, category, images and more, the platform should be so easy to work with that you may not find difficulties in updating the same. The suggestion is to look for a good website builder platform that gives you easy to work admin panel.

6) Showcase the best work
Make sure you don't showcase every photo or design on your portfolio. You may have thousands of photos/designs, but including every piece is not a wise decision. You need to select the best work out of that and put them category wise, so that people may seen what you want let them to see.

7) Testimonials from happy clients
Make sure you include testimonials or references from happy clients. This is one of the most important features you need to include in your portfolio, as most of potential client will look out for this. It gives you credibility and faith that your makes your customers feel more comfortable with you.

8) Include social networking profiles
At present, social media plays a vital role in building brand identity and spread your services to maximum people. Including your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. is a great idea to give you more exposure. Moreover, it can make you seem more real person to your prospective client and they can connect with across these platforms too.

9) Categorize your work
You may have immense experience in photographing on various themes like wildlife photography, wedding photography, fashion photography and more. Make sure you don't showcase them under one category. This will look unprofessional and confusing as well. Make different category for different theme and put images in accordance to the category.

Above are mentioned some noteworthy tips for creating an awesome and effective portfolio website. There are various other things that a photographer, designer or artist must be aware of. These are just few things to share with you, but there are lots more you need to understand and implement in order to get best results for your portfolio. 

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