Thursday, 22 November 2012

Significance of User Friendly Features in Online Portfolio

A portfolio website plays a very important role in letting potential customers make a decision of whether to hire or not to hire the person who the portfolio belongs to. If the potential clients or customers don’t find the online portfolio website up to the task, then there is no chance of winning the related jobs that your portfolio is all about. It is always good and recommendable to have an impressive online portfolio that will market you and guarantee you with high chances of getting hired. It should be in a position of showing your potential customers about the jobs that you have managed to do as well as several other client/customer friendly features.

Nevertheless, it should tell your clients about how important it will be for them once they hire you. Your area of expertise should be easily known and identified and it should give more confidence to the clients through your stable abilities. In a matter of fact, your online portfolio should be very appealing with some great amazing features. This will simply guarantee you of being approached and getting hired for your outstanding services. Some of these outstanding features that are ought to be available in your online portfolio include:

Effective Communication

It is the most fundamental aspect when it comes to your online portfolio website. Effective communication between you and your potential client plays a vital role. It should touch on issues such as the type of services that you offer to the community, the prices that you charge for your services and so on and so forth. Once you make it complex then you will make clients to shun away from you and risk your chances of getting hired. A potential customer will have a look at all the details including your charges and make a decision based on them. Make sure that your budget will not surpass what your clients are willing to pay for. Come up with very clear and detailed information about your services and make the info very appealing.

Project range

Your online portfolio ought to be in a position of convincing the visitors that the services that you provide are of high class and they will bring about the feeling of satisfaction among the customers who will opt to hire you. One added advantage that will give you an upper hand of getting hired is to mention in details about all the previous projects that you have successfully accomplished since this will act as your field of experience. The higher the number of successfully accomplished projects the higher the chances of you getting hired for your services.

Keep off from irrelevant information

Another important factor that must be considered is that you should be in a position of avoiding giving too much irrelevant information that might not be in a position of helping you getting the job. Only important and relevant information is what the customers require. Moreover, the information is to be delivered in the simplest way possible and avoid complexity.


Not only should you talk about your successfully accomplished projects but also related to the positive feedbacks that you got from your previous customers. This will add more faith and trust to the prospective customers concerning your authenticity.

Correct contact details

Giving your correct working contacts will also go a long way and add more trust in your potential clients. This could be in terms of email address, fax number, phone number and even your physical address for diversity.

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