Friday, 15 June 2012

Portrait Photography: 20 Cool Examples

Portrait photography is the photography of a person or a group of people that shows the expression and mood of subject. It basically focuses on the face of person, although the entire body and background can be included.

Portrait photography is one of the exciting and inventive types of photography that mainly focuses on snapping the images of people’s faces & their expression. Well, human beings are full of emotions and their faces have the capability to convey the meaning and sense of their emotions (happiness, sadness, angriness, fear, excitement, etc.). This is really enchanting to capture those facial expressions using photography skills. Portrait photography is one of such innovative ways that capture human sentiments by just clicking the pictures of their facial expressions.

This post is basically written to showcase some great examples of portrait photography that would amaze you and to let you inspire from such creativity. So, just scroll down to have a look at amazing portrait photographs.

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