Monday, 19 November 2012

Online Portfolio: The Place Where You Share Your Work

Create an online portfolio to showcase and share your work. Website platforms are equipped with various tools to help you build your online portfolio in just a matter of minutes. Display your works online and highlight your best works. You may even include an online shopping cart in your portfolio to enable you to sell your items online.

An online portfolio design may vary from one niche to the other. The look and feel of your overall design must represent the type of products, services, or work that you want to showcase. The elements of your online portfolio must also coincide with the types of materials that you want to upload to your site.
Pixpa:- Online Portfolio Website for Photographers
Generally, an online portfolio is a website wherein you design in order to highlight your works. Here are a few tips to creating an online portfolio to help you share your best works:
  • The home page or the landing page design must be compelling and should represent the works that you have featured. The moment that a visitor lands on your homepage, he or she should be able to immediately determine what your site represents. If you are trying to showcase an online portfolio of your food dishes for example, a visitor should be able to determine right from the start that your site is all about food. Find images that will help you represent this niche more vividly. Choose colors that can be easily associated with food. Even the choice of fonts will help determine the look and feel of your online portfolio.

  • Add impact to your home page by adding various interactive features such as a photo slider. This will enable your visitors to browse through selected photos or images of your work in the most convenient way. A featured photo slider will also grab the attention of your visitors, prompting them to learn more about your works.

  • Let your viewers learn more about you and your works. Include short descriptions of the images that you featured. Include discussions about your work or your background as a photographer, visual artist, writer, or any type of work or specialization that you have featured.

  • Optimize your pages by using several built-in tools designed for social engine optimization. SEO tools will help you generate more unique traffic to your site.

  • Create an online portfolio website navigation plan that is fun and interesting. This will provide your viewers a nice navigation experience to your online portfolio site which will convince them to regularly visit your site.

  • Connect with your audience via various online channels. Your online portfolio website can be seamlessly integrated with various social media networking sites to help you connect with your viewers with just a touch of a button. Share your work to wider scope of audience, you may send out announcements of events, activities, and offers, or post links of your featured images via your social media account while your viewers can conveniently view and comment on your latest works.

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