Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Tips to Increase the Traffic of Your Photography Website

Having a photography portfolio website is very important. You can showcase your talent in the international stages and you can attract a lot of potential customers. With the excellent and professional showcase of talent, you can make a living just by taking photographs and can live a decent life. Having a portfolio for a photographer is that important. But suppose you have a very high quality, custom made website, but you do not have any traffic coming to your site. You have spent a lot of efforts and hours on designing and structuring your website. But if your site is unpopular, then there is nothing you can expect from your website.

When you have a lot of traffic, then it means that you have the platform to turn this traffic into potential customers. To have that certain amount of traffic, you need to follow some certain steps.

Pipxa:- Photography Websites
1. Enhance the quality of the content
2. Better Search Engine Optimization
3. Be so social
4. Write guest articles
5. Include a commenting system integrated with Facebook

Having traffics on your site is less important that retaining those traffics to come back to your site. If you have high quality contents, then the traffics will be bound to come back to your website. Create a bookmark button, when they click on the button, your website will be bookmarked on their browsers, increasing the chances of getting more visits from them in the future.

To have more traffics, not only on your photography website, but also on a website, nothing can ever beat search engine optimization. When your website has a good combination of keywords, and attractive SEO friendly titles and follow all the rules of search engine, you will get more traffic from the search engines that you have never dreamt about. Then when you have these traffic, you can easily convert this traffic into clients with the right compromising steps.

Get all social. Create pages for your website on Facebook, open a twitter account for your site. Upload all your photographs on regular intervals. All links to your website in those places, so that they will come to your website and spend some time seeing your portfolio. Their investment here is very minimum or sometimes none. But the return you get, no other ad campaign can give you that.

Write guest articles on different websites and blogs, talk about different aspects that you are specialized in. After you impress your audience, link them to your personal photography portfolio website.

There is a new social plugin from Facebook. You can embed Facebook comments on your website. They are actually commenting on your blog or your designs, but however, these comments will appear on their Facebook profile. Friends of those people seeing those comments can come to your website. Again you are getting more traffics to your website without paying anything.

These five steps are very effective. These five steps are proof that you do not need to spend chunks of money on advertisement in order to get more traffic for your website.

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