Tuesday, 4 June 2013

How to Enhance the Traffic of Website Created For Photographers

Many photography websites often fail to succeed due to lack of sufficient traffic. That is the reason why enhancing traffic to your photography site is as important as creating the site itself. There are several methods used to improve online presence and that is exactly what w want you to do to improve your online photography business. It is not a point of spending a lot of money, like many think, to promote your website. There are fine but overlooked cost-effective methods to market your site and eventually increase traffic considerably. Look at the following ways in which you can generate more traffic to your site.
Enhance the Traffic of photographers website

Search Engine Optimization
Any site ranked top by a number of search engines usually draws more traffic than any other site. You therefore need to know how SEO works so as to improve your ranking and ultimately your online traffic. Your photography portfolio website needs to have the primary keywords in the titles of your web pages. The article body should also have the primary keywords sparingly and evenly spread. Primary keywords are the most relevant to search engines hence the reason why you need to be more keen about this. 

Link building is another way in which you can direct your traffic into your web site. A link that leads to other pages is very necessary so as to lead your clients to the most crucial content that you need them to see. This is the way to go about creating an easy-to-navigate website. Visitors need to easily and conveniently go about your website. You should therefore make navigation easy.

Make sure to boost the speed of your website. Slow websites usually send visitors away unlike fast ones. Search engines also look into the speed of a website while ranking them.  Therefore in order to get a better ranking by search engines such as Google, you need to boost the speed of your website. Avoid attaching big files that reduce the loading speed. In the case of photography websites, reduce the size of images without necessarily compromising their quality. Use keywords as file names for the pictures you upload so as to enable your site gets ranked well and eventually more traffic.

Use Various Marketing Tools
Social sites have become the most common marketing tools these days. Twitter is a good example that many website owners use to improve traffic to their sites. Follow all those people who are tweeting about your market. This is the beginning of establishing a relationship with the prospective customers. You can engage in personal conversation, answering their questions, commenting and re-tweeting. These are simply methods in which you can have your target market noticing you and getting their attention to want to know you more. Many people use tweet teasers about something found on their website then attaching a link to the webpage for the readers to read more.

Facebook is another social networking site that is relevant in improving traffic to your site. Interacting with friends on social networks is very crucial in attracting their attention and probably converting them into real customers. Google Plus and LinkedIn are just another traffic enhances to your website. Once you have learnt how these methods work, you will be surprised with the rate at which you increase your online traffic.

Develop Your Portfolio
As a photographer, you need to show people your work. You always need to post the best pictures available so as to attract the attention of your targeted traffic. The images should however be limited to a small amount so that you increase the curiosity of viewers to look for more. At this point attach a link to your website for more information. This will definitely act as a gateway to having a lot of traffic flowing to your website.

It is easier said than done, what you need is to apply each and every single method outlined above and the issue of traffic will no longer bother you!

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