Thursday, 16 May 2013

How Do Photographers Get Leads Via Online Portfolio?

Now the online community has become the new marketplace for photographers and the clients. Clients search in community and social websites for photographers. And when they actually find the photographers, they go on to checking the photographer’s portfolio and see what sort of work has been done before. A portfolio of a photographer is not just an exhibition of what the photographer has done, it is also a medium of communicating with his/her potential customers. And from the photographer’s perspective, it is a data mining field.

Online Portfolio
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How can a photographer generate leads from their portfolio website?
1. Including a newsletter program
2. SignUp Process
3. Monitor IP
4. Check the client’s movement
5. Social media

Including a newsletter Program
A newsletter program is a very wealthy system for any company or website to spread the words. It is very easy, just one click and thousands of people get your message. Give an incentive for the visitors to sign-up for the newsletter. Give away free gifts like e-books and other stuffs that you have made. By giving incentives, people will like to be encouraged to sign up to the portfolio and will be getting messages from you every now and then. Imagine you are sending email to hundreds of potential customers and a few of them can become your actual customers in the future.

SignUp Process
Include a sign-up process. Encourage people to sign up and give them a customized view of the website if they does. Every people have different taste in photography. Portray that section to them more which will give you more chances of generating sales lead. If you create an interesting environment for them, they will be bound to come back to you. Once they sign up with your website, they become a part of your community.

Monitor IP
Monitor the IP address of the people visiting your website. This process is very effective. See which section they spend more time in, and which links they tend to click more. Now check what email they are using with that IP address. You have the email address in your hand and you know their taste too. The next thing you do is start sending them email about your photos and ask if they are interested in. Remember, this process is effective, but is not completely ethical. You are invading someone else’s privacy so be careful to stay within your limits

Check the client’s movement
Check from which source the clients are coming from and in which section or which category the client spends most of their time in. So while contacting with the client, you will have more knowledge about your client’s taste and you will easily be able to impress him/her

Social Media
The use of social media is a must, all your potential clients are hidden under the huge ocean of social media. The return on investment from social media is more compared to other forms of advertisements
Remember, generating leads is one thing, and creating a profitable relationship with the client is another thing. Whenever you have a client, never let that person go easily, because it took you a lot of effort to get him in. 

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