Monday, 5 August 2013

Tips on Travel Photography: Bring Brighter Memories Home

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American poet who believed that travel is not just about what you see there but also what you bring back home! And for this reason and more, photography, that helps you carry these special moments and sites forever, is a must-to-do thing during your trip, whether it is planned with friends, family or just you!

So, before you pack your suitcases, manage your essentials, pick up your camera and say goodbye to home and neighborhood, here are a few tips that you must read to make your travel photography and enriching activity.

1. Research the location
To begin with, you need to be aware of all the various facts about the place of visit. You can research about the same by reading up useful guidebooks, or surfing on the Internet or even talking to people who have visited that place before. Once you get these accounts of first hand experiences, you’d have in-depth information about your destination which would surely assist you during your travel.

2. Pack all essentials
Once, you’re through with the research work, the next step is to start packing. Be organized and systematic and pack only things that you will need. Travelling light would help you be self sufficient as you’d be able to handle and carry all your stuff by yourself. Moreover, make sure that you pack all the equipments that you need with your camera. Battery charger, travel adapter, a laptop or a portable hard drive to take back-up of your images, and connecting chords are a must. It’s a good idea to carry a lightweight mini tripod or even the super flexible Gorilla-pod that would come in handy to take beautiful, steady photographs.

3. Early to bed, early to rise
Get up early to capture the sunrise. It is also the time of the day when most of the locals, as well as tourists would be in their bed, giving you a chance to click the city, streets or even landscapes devoid of any heads popping out of your photograph. You should also try to book a hotel or any other place to stay that offers a great view. This way you can automatically create several opportunities to get good photographs.

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4. Use all your senses and go local!
It is important that you not just look for visually appealing elements for your photograph but also take a fully fledged experience of the place you’re visiting. You shouldn't hesitate to taste new food, or hear local music or venture into the local markets. As they say, when in Rome do as the Romans do!

5. Show fresh
Everyone knows that Paris is famous for Eiffel Tower and Agra for Taj Mahal. Make sure that your photographs instead of reinstating the obvious and cliche, show something new and fresh. Try to interpret the place on your own and for the same reason, don’t cramp up too many places to visit in a short duration. You don’t want your photographs to look rushed up and be taken in haste.

6. Camera settings
Use the aperture priority mode when photographing landscapes in order to get the maximum depth of field and hence a sharp and focused photograph. Use fill-flash light when you’re shooting in sunlight to bring out better colors by filling up the shadows. Further, shooting in RAW (if your camera is capable of that) will bring greater flexibility once you’re back as you’d be able to process your images in a different way, if need be.

7. Be confident
Finally it is very important that you trust your capabilities. It takes a lot of courage to take your camera to an unknown place, amongst strange crowds and start clicking. Many a times, people traveling with you or in your frame might not remain so clam and patient with your photography. But as long as you love your camera, you’ll find your way through!  Bon voyage!

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