Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Make Wise Selection of Photos To Display in the Portfolio

Selecting photos to display on your portfolio can be a very tricky job. If you have a lot of photos in your stock, you might be in a dilemma about which photo to display and when to display what. Some mistake that newbie photographers make is that they pile up all the photos that they have ever taken on their portfolio website. This part of you being a photographer is known as foolishness. 

Create online portfolio
Create Online Portfolio | Pixpa

Sort out your photos and create a plan
Before creating a portfolio, sort out some of the best photographs that you have ever taken. Take the best of the best and pile them up for the home screen and as some of the photographers might call it “the welcome screen”. Select the best photographs of every category and use the best to be the cover photo of each of the categories. 

Create categories and label them
In your portfolio website, always make sure to categorize each of the photos that you upload. Black and White photos will go under one category, animal photographs will go under another category and wedding photographs will go under another category. This will make it easy for the visitors to see what you have done. And specific people can go under specific categories to see what you have done. For example, someone who wants to hire a wedding photographer can go to your wedding photography category and not roam around to find the wedding photographers. An easy to use portfolio website will increase your chances of getting hired.

Do not upload all the best photos
It is wise to upload the best photos in the portfolio website, and everybody does that, but however, you should not upload all your best photos in your portfolio. Keep some suspense for the client and let them rediscover you in the days to come as he hires you. Upload the best quality photos and make sure that the photos do not get pixilated as they are being displayed. Use gallery display option to display the photos.

The Slideshow
Before uploading the photos, select some of the photos and try to create a story with them by arranging them accordingly. Many professional photographers use story related slideshows to showcase their creativity. For the slide shows, you have to select specific photos that go well with the story of the photo.

Selecting photos with the color contrast of the website in head
You cannot select a photo that changes the flow of color on your portfolio website. Suppose the color combination of your website is black and gray, and selecting photos that have bright colors in it will be a pain for the eyes. So no matter how good the photo is and how creative it is, you cannot upload that photo for the sake of the beauty of your website.

Always remember, while uploading photos to your website, you need to follow a theme. If you are in plan with the theme of your website, your website will receive more hits than the one with clusters of photographs. 

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