Thursday, 4 October 2012

Notable Tips for Creating Websites for Photographers

Building an online portfolio to showcase photography works and highlight best photos is important nowadays. Whether your aim is to attract new clients or to simply compile and store your works in digital format, creating a website that will host your online portfolio will give you plenty of advantages. Here are a few tips when creating a website for photographers.
Websites for photographers

Build a website that can have features that will suit the requirements of an online photo gallery. There are plenty of website platforms that you can use to help you build an online photo gallery which will stand as your portfolio.

Aside from the basic tools that are inherent with each website platform, equip your website with various features via available plug-ins to add dimension and additional features to your website.
Choose a theme that will suit best for an online portfolio. There are various themes that can be used for free which you can use for your website pages.

Plan the navigation of your website pages. Create a portfolio website which can be entertaining when browsed by your viewers.

Your online photo gallery should be image or photo driven. The main features should revolve around showcasing your best works. Create pages that will feature a high quality photo display and add other features such as mosaic view, panoramic view, photo sliders, and other special effects and features. This will add variety and dimension to your pages.

Include descriptions of your work. The description may include notes, size, date produced and other details that you may find important or information that you want to share with your viewers.
Depending on your objectives and goals you may choose to enable or disable copying or downloading of uploaded photo files.

Include a background about yourself to establish a connection with your viewers. You may also choose to include a page that will contain your contact information to enable your users to contact you outside of the website.

Website platforms are also inherently enabled by default to allow guest or viewer commenting. It is more advisable to disable website commenting on online portfolio pages. The alternative to making you website more interactive is by including social media widgets. This will let you post updates and other announcements directly to your social media pages from your website. Social media integration will also enable you to post on your preferred social media networks via you website.

Websites for photographers are also expected to be featured with high resolution photos. Arranging a web server or web host that will entitle you to more storage space which means faster downloading time for your viewers and more virtual space for you to use for your photo uploads.

An online photo gallery is a great online marketing tool to help you showcase and highlight your works and services. Build a website with a design suitable for photographers and attract visitors to your site. Use online tools and information to equip you website into one powerful virtual gallery to host and showcase your works.

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