Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Portfolio websites: Best Place To Reveal The Talent of Creative Professionals

Build a Portfolio to Showcase Talent

Professionals who are in the creative sphere should build a portfolio website to showcase their talent. Whether you’re into visual arts, writing, performance, or entertainment field, a portfolio that will feature not only your recent works but will also highlight your best works will enable you compile your works in a comprehensive manner and at the same time attract viewers, clients, audiences, or customers. There are various ways of building a portfolio. Often it depends on the type of materials that you want to showcase. Determining the best places where to showcase your portfolio is also important in order to ensure your works are viewed.

Which Portfolio Format Works Best

Are you a photographer or a graphic artist or a writer? Or are you a performer perhaps? Or you probably have designed some software applications, programs, or games? Building a portfolio to highlight your best works will come in quite handy when you want to attract clients or simply showcase your works. Various types of works or collection of works will require a different portfolio format. Portfolios that are image driven will work perfect for visual artists or photographers for instance. Directory or archive type portfolios, on the other hand will work best for writers. While filmmakers, Videographers, and game designers require a multi-media type of portfolio design.

Building an Online Portfolio

1)One of the best places to showcase your creative talents is to build an online portfolio. With plenty of user-friendly online tools available to help you build, create, and maintain a website, coming up with a portfolio becomes easy. Here are some tips on building an online portfolio:

2)Your online portfolio should feature your best works, a description of your works or your scope of services, a background that discusses your talents or the business or company that you are representing.

3)Make your website dedicated only to feature or focus on works, this adds more impact to your portfolio, and makes it look more professional.

4)Choose a format that will work best to highlight your works. Video portfolios for example, will require multimedia boxes in your website design, whereas a portfolio that will showcase written works such as articles and short stories may not need a multi-media heavy format.

5)Add features that will make your portfolio website more interesting. A feature slider on your home page with embedded images or videos will create more impact for portfolios that showcase images and photos.

6)Include a contact information page to enable your viewers to contact you if they are interested in your works or availing your services.

Portfolio websites are often built using an online blog site or website builders.

8)These platforms by default will have enabled viewer commenting features. Disabling
this feature using the website builder’s control panel will help you easier maintain the consistency of your portfolio’s content.

9)Find other ways to make your online portfolio interactive other than commenting. You may include social media widgets in your pages to make your online portfolio more fun and interesting. Integrating your preferred social media networks in your online portfolio pages enables your viewers to follow your posts and updates. This also enables you to instantly post on your social media account and connect with your friends, family, and acquaintances.

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