Thursday, 13 September 2012

Importance of Having Websites For Artists

Every artist, new or older should not be afraid of technology. It is a common knowledge that technology has been dominating our world today. Other people have used it as their way of success. It would be such a waste if we will not take advantage of everything technology has to offer.

The internet has taken our world by a storm. As an artist we should keep up with the new technology and use it wisely to be successful. It is of a great importance to have websites for artists.
Importance of having a website:

• You can use your website as a portfolio and your audience will be able to get to know you more that way. You do not need to bring your portfolio book with you all the time. You can easily provide potential clients your website.

• Use it to show your works. Almost everyone is using the internet and one of your works may stumble along their way. That is one way of getting potential customers or fans.

• Your fans will be able to easily share your works online with their friends and family.

• You can sell your works online. Most people buy things online now and so does, shopping for art.

• By having your own website, you do not need to pay fees for having a successful sale of your works on free online portfolio like MySpace, eBay, or Deviant Art. If you have your own website, all sales will go right back to your pocket.

• Your audience can view your works anytime they want if you have your own website. They can be able to study your works that way.  Not like the traditional portfolio book, wherein, they can only view it for just a short time.

• Having a website can also give you a relationship with your fans.

• The internet is operating globally. Your websites are also your online business cards for your fans not just locally but internationally.

• Having a portfolio website means you can be reached round the clock.

• Having a website is also one way of being creative online.

• It will give you an identity. Your potential customers and fans will be able to recognize you from other competitors or other artists.

• It is also having an inexpensive way to advertise and promote your works around the world. Hiring an advertising company will be costly for you if you are still a struggling artist.

• You make yourself available to other fans with different time zones.

• With a website, you can easily interact with your potential customers or fans and you can easily provide them updates regarding your latest works.

In the world that we live in today, we should not be afraid of taking risks. Especially, if those are the first step that leads you to your success. We should embrace the changes and the new technology. Millions and millions of people are turning to the internet for entertainment, to get information, to advertise and to shop. Let us take advantage of it.

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