Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Portfolio Websites for Students

Over the past decade as the importance of Internet has grown manifold, it has become imperative for all aspiring individuals to have a strong presence on the web. At the same time, students from every field, even though they do not lack talent or hard work, they miss the bus to a good job or recognition because of the absence of a technical know-how to chalk their presence on the web. If you are also one of those anxious, aspiring students, who is struggling to get recognition in any of the creative fields such as photography, architecture, graphic design, fashion or others that are fast gaining popularity in today’s time, then you’d be a little more relieved and assured about your future as you proceed with this article, giving tips to help you showcase your portfolio in an effective manner by employing a portfolio website.

Portfolio Websites for Students

Students can also have their own portfolio websites nowadays as the expenses involved in such processes have significantly decreased over the years.  Such websites not just help the students to explore and connect with prospective employers but also serve as a platform where talent can be easily showcased. A personal portfolio website is all about promoting yourself. You just need to keep in mind that no one is going to know about you unless you make yourself visible and it is easier to achieve this through the virtual world compared to the real world. If you are a Web designer, developer, writer, gamer or any other type of creative, then it’s absolutely essential that you have a good portfolio website.
As a result, the most significant part of your portfolio creation lies in your choice of the portfolio.  It is imperative that you only trust a great looking website that is easy to update and a pleasure to use. Only a website that displays features that make your task simpler is worth it. These features can range from the availability of beautifully crafted predesigned templates, options to customize your design, various colors, fonts, logos, tagline, background and other visual elements to enhance your portfolio and finally a website that assists you in sharing your work across all major social networking websites. Let visitors also spread the good word using integrated share widgets.

Further, validation is important, especially for Web designers. If you’re going to be building professional websites for clients, then your own website’s code should at least be valid. Always remember that portfolio is where all your major work and accomplishments are highlighted and hence it’s a serious business. You must only give this job to a website that is used by top designers and searched by major companies looking for talented candidates of all experience levels, only such a website will have a potential to match you with suggested jobs based on your resume and location.

To conclude, the portfolio site can be a window not only opening opportunities for you as an aspiring student but also into the future of web design. This is because when an individual designs their own site they are only under self-imposed limitations. There is no client to dictate things, no committee to destroy the design, and no approval process to drag things out and destroy momentum. However, not all portfolio sites are created equal. The trick is to select the one that is distinct and interesting enough to talk about. It is these sites, finally, that raise the bar and expose what the future might hold for web design and create a true creative database. So, let your creative juices flow with complete control over your portfolio even if you’re not so great with the technical stuff!

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